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Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing or investing the sheer choice of lender and getting the right product can be daunting.

At Fox Mortgage Services we take time to understand your situation, what’s important to you. 

We provide you with a choice that will meet your needs, prepare your application and see the process all the way through to settlement and beyond.

First Purchase

If you are in the market for a new home, let the team at Fox Mortgage Services help you get buy ready, we can assist you.

If you already have a mortgage on your current property, we can assist in working out the best options for you and help you decide whether you can simply port your existing loan to a new property and increase or reduce. Or, if there is a more suitable and cheaper option available.

Property and Suburb Reports

At Fox Mortgages we have access to the same data that the real estate industry use and can provide you up to date information on the property you are looking at and the suburb to give you valuation estimates, sales and on the market data.


Feeling unloved by your lender? Does it seem that every mortgage advert shows a rate way lower than what you are getting?

It may be time to look at refinancing. Let Fox Mortgages assess your current loan, work out the costs associated and give you some options based on your needs.

Get in touch today to get back on track with your mortgage.

Debt Consolidation

A debt consolidation loan can combine numerous unsecured debts into one single debt with one payment, one creditor and one interest rate. If you are tired of managing your debts with multiple creditors, fluctuating interest rates and with different payment types, debt consolidation could work for you.

Unsecured debts can include items such as credit cards, store cards, medical bills and utility bills.

A debt consolidation loan can result in:

  • One reduced monthly payment
  • One reduced fixed interest rate
  • Dealing with only one creditor
  • Significant savings on interest
  • The chance to eliminate your debt.

If your circumstance allows, we would not extend the loan terms of the debts being consolidated, so that you get maximum benefit of the lower interest rate.

Just want a review?

It can be daunting, just the thought of going through all your finances and deciding what to do next. At Fox Mortgages we’ve dealt with many clients who feel the same way.

We don’t charge you to review your situation and provide you with a stress-free process. We do all the legwork, all you do is come along to the appointment with a few bits of information and you let us do the hard work.

Get in touch now to book your review with Fox Mortgages.

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