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Why use a broker?

Why would I use a finance broker? The simple answer is that we can save you time and money. More recently with the ever changing policies and restrictions due to Covid we can save you a lot of hassle too.  Save time… The choices now available in the mortgage and business lending market can seem

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Move or renovate?

“Should I move or renovate?” It’s a conversation many of us have and for many reasons, so if you’re asking yourself if you should renovate or simply sell and move on there are a few things to consider. There are number of factors to consider for both. The right answer for you will depend on

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Property market update

Australian housing values drop by 0.6% in July. The impacts of COVID have continue as July saw the third month of decline, recording a national decrease of 0.6% according to the latest CoreLogic data. Two of the capital cities showed an improvement with Canberra increasing by 0.6% and Adelaide 0.1%. Melbourne suffered the sharpest decline

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How prepared are you?

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Life can throw up unexpected surprises and obstacles. Recently the whole word has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and many thousands of people have lost their lives much sooner than they should have done. While in Western Australia with our closed borders we have been very fortunate in

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First Home Deposit Scheme is back!

An additional 10,000 First Home Loan Deposit Scheme places become available from 1st July. With the recent build incentives from both state and federal governments they are not anticipated to last long. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme was launched in January 2020 to assist Australian citizens in getting into their first home. The incentive

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New Home Build Incentives Now Up To $55,000 In WA!

This morning WA Premier Mark McGowan announced an additional boost to WA’s builders and those wanting to build a new home. Following on from Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement of the $25K building and renovation boost, Premier Mark McGowan has added an additional $20K grant to West Australians who enter into a build contract. The

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Fix Rate Loan - Mortgage Broker Perth

Should I break my fixed rate?

With big changes in interest rates over the last few months, many people currently on fixed rates may be looking with envy as new fixed rate offers drop into the low 2’s.

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Mortgage and Finance Broker Perth

When should you refinance and what traps should you avoid?

Heard about mortgage refinancing? In the past, most people who took out a mortgage doggedly continued with it until they had paid it off. These days, people refinance their mortgage much more frequently. The average duration of a home loan in Australia now is just 4-5 years. Here we look at some of the reasons people in Australia refinance their home loan.

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Mortgage Broker Childs Loan Perth

Guaranteeing your child’s loan

Years of rising house prices are making it increasingly difficult to enter the market. Parents who guarantee their children’s loans can help, but it is important to understand how this can impact the parents’ retirement or investment plans.

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