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Buying property can be one of the most stressful experiences you will undertake. You could spend hours and hours getting lost in the details. Worse still, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you get it wrong.

Expert. Experienced. Ethical.

Fox Mortgage Services understand the worry. With nearly three decades of experience and expertise in the retail banking industry, and a reputation for the highest ethical standards, we can save you time, money and worry.

We’re also specialists in products aimed towards Professionals. Products that have saved Professional Clients thousands of dollars on their mortgages.


It pays to look around. But costs you nothing.

Your bank may be one of the lenders we use, but they can only sell you their products. They won’t point you towards a product that might be better if it’s with another lender. They rely on your loyalty, but you could save tens of thousands of dollars asking us to look around.

And, it costs you nothing, because the lender pays us. Not you.

Other Services

Fox also provide assistance with Asset Finance for companies looking to finance vehicles and equipment. We help companies with Business and Commercial Finance to help their organisations.

Our aim is to protect and grow your wealth, so a robust Financial Planning service is provided by an expert team of professional advisors.


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On this site you can use one of seven online Calculators: Loan Repayment Calculator, Extra Repayments Calculator, How Much can I Borrow Calculator, Loan Comparison Calculator, Property Fees Calculator and Income Tax Calculator.

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More Mortgage Products. More Choice. 

We have hundreds of mortgage products from a panel of over twenty-five lenders to offer, covering most mortgage lending requirements.

Our mission is simply to save you money, protect and grow your wealth.

If you would like to learn more about our services please contact us.

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